Losing weight is never an easy task for people in the western world. The abundance of food and specifically simple carbohydrates makes it difficult to get insulin and blood glucose levels in healthy places for the optimal weight. There are a wide variety of supplements and weight loss products on the market, but few target the real source of the problem like Yacon syrup.

Recently, Dr. Oz has mentioned Yacon syrup as a great way of losing weight and it has developed a stir amongst the community of weight loss enthusiasts. Most of the local stores are sold out, but you can find Yacon syrup online easily if you are interested in this all-natural weight loss supplement.

The Yacon Diet

How Yacon Syrup Works

Everyone has glucose in their blood because the brain and body operate better and function properly with glucose. This glucose is typically the building block of all the energy that you have in your body, but it can be raised up or down depending on the food that you eat. Someone who does not eat any food for a day will have hormones secreted in their body (called glucagon) that can break down fat stores and use it as glucose.

When someone eats too much food (or carbohydrates), they produce a large increase in insulin production, which tries to bring the blood glucose level down by putting the glucose into muscle or fat cells. Most people eat too much sugar and their blood glucose and insulin levels are completely destroyed.

Yacon syrup works on the body in order to fix both the blood glucose and the insulin levels. People that have had too many sweets or carbohydrates find that their insulin levels are not sustainable, which leads to them getting fatter and less healthy. The Yacon syrup can bring down these levels so that your body does not create fat in the same way that it did before.

Unlike many of the other weight loss supplements, this targets the fat building problem at the source. More importantly, it doesn’t just help you to lose weight, but it will also improve your ability to get rid of the other unhealthy aspects in your life as well. Primarily, you will be able to reduce the risk of heart disease and other types of cancer if you can get your insulin and blood glucose level back to ordinary levels. This isn’t just a weight loss supplement, but also a full health supplement that can extend your lifespan.

This is exactly what the native people of the Andean region are using Yacon syrup in order to help people with diabetes. They use the roots from the plant and many of the leaves in order to help people who are overweight or have blood glucose problems.


Yacon Syrup in Studies

There has been a multitude of evidence suggesting that Yacon syrup is an excellent source for weight loss. Most people who are trying to lose weight think of the studies as the most important thing as they do not lie and they tell the real scientific truth about a certain drug or supplement. When it comes to Dr. Oz, he is very trustworthy, but the studies definitely matter more.

One study in 2009 had 55 obese Argentine women do a regimen of 45 minutes of exercise a couple of days per week and then restrict their daily caloric intake. Over this period, they also added the Yacon syrup and they were able to lose an average of 33 pounds. There are some problems with this study as they do not isolate the variable of Yacon syrup, but other studies show similar progress as well. For example, a recent study of 40 women that took only 3 teaspoons of Yacon syrup without any changes to their diet or exercise found benefits as well.

In fact, over 25% of the women lost over 5 pounds with only the Yacon syrup alone. In total, 73% of the women were able to lose the weight. These are significant gains for an extract of a root that comes from the ground. Many people are using this as evidence that some great things can come from the Yacon syrup within the weight loss realm.

Lost weight
more than 5 pounds

For people who are really obese, this has more health implications than for others. It is true that one can lose weight alone, but getting blood glucose and insulin levels to be healthy again is of the utmost importance. You will find them to be the main health concern for most people and it isn’t even just fat that was improved. The Clinical Nutrition journal reported that there were improved insulin levels, which correlated with a drastic drop in bad cholesterol.


Take the Plunge – Buy Yacon Syrup

If you are reading this article, you have an interest in weight loss the healthy way. You can buy Yacon syrup from a local store, but most likely they will not have any in stock. After Dr. Oz mentioned the product on television it has really become popular amongst everyone. You can also purchase Yacon syrup online, which will give you the best prices for this weight loss supplement.

Yacon Syrup buy now

At the end of the day, there are few weight loss supplements that are so healthy for you and attack the root of the problem. Even though this supplement may be new to some people, it has been used for hundreds of years for the same purpose. The benefits of Yacon syrup are well known to many of these traditional societies and only now do we get a chance to share in the use of this supplement.

The studies all point to the safety and efficacy of Yacon syrup for weight loss. If you really want to lose weight quickly and become healthier, getting this supplement is the way to go.